Frequently Asked Questions

How’s the quality of profiles?
  • All our services are from authenticated profiles having profile picture, posts and followers.
What’s the delivery time for the services offered?
  • The delivery time and other features of each item is provided on each product’s page.
  • In case of delay for quick delivery services, a notice would be put up on the website informing you of any such delay.
Would my money be refunded in case of non-delivery?
  • We guarantee 100% money return in case our services cannot be delivered to you.
  • Please write to us before filing a dispute with Paypal or a chargeback with your credit card issuer.
  • In cases where a customer files a chargeback after receiving the services, all the services provided by us would be taken back and his/ her account would likely be banned from social media.
What is the method of making payment?
  • Payment can be made through the secure gateway of PayPal using either direct transfer from your PayPal account or your credit/debit card.
  • You can also deposit funds to your account and use it during checkout.
  • Orders paid through e-cheque would be processed only once the e-cheque gets cleared.
Who can use Account Funds?
  • Only registered and logged in members will be able to deposit funds into their accounts and use those funds to pay for an order.
Why are my funds not showing up on checkout?
  • You can only use your account funds if the funds in your account is greater than the total amount of your cart.
Where are the links to be provided?
  • The links should be provided in the Username/Link field of each item. Special requests should be mentioned in order notes during checkout.
What is the correct method of providing link?
  • The correct method of providing your link is as follows:
    • Twitter Followers:
    • Twitter Retweets:
    • Twitter Favorites:
    • Instagram Followers: username
    • Instagram Likes: username
    • Facebook Followers:
    • Facebook Fanage Likes:
    • Facebook Likes on posts, pics, comments:
  • Provide the link(s) in the order notes at the checkout page.
What if I do not receive my delivery on time?
  • We promise 100% delivery time compliance. However, if due to some reason if the order is delayed, you should contact us through our Contact Form citing your transaction id received during payment and we would help you out.
Do we accept orders from re-sellers?
  • Yes. Since we provide the cheapest rates available in marketing, re-sellers can avail our services. Special schemes for big re-sellers can be considered. Please contact us with your query.